Although calcium and other minerals in water are essential in beer production, they also combine to create limescale related problems such as “Beerstone.” Other negative effects are seen on brewing tanks, boilers, reverse osmosis membranes, pipes and other vessels used in the brewing industry. Over time, limescale will gradually build up, progressively reducing the efficiency of equipment, blocking water lines, and increasing fuel costs.

Beneficial Outcomes

  • Prevents all future scale build up in your brewing system

  • Greatly reduced maintenance and running costs of boilers

  • Removes existing scale build up throughout your entire system

  • Reduction in energy costs due to scale elimination in boilers and pipes

  • Substantially extends the life of your reverse osmosis membranes

  • Conditions water naturally, your beer will taste better!

  • Effective on even the hardest of the water

  • Prevents future corrosion and degradation of pipes and critical water system components

  • Saves costly downtime of equipment and systems and reduced maintenance costs

  • 100% Environmentally safe

Lifetime Guarantee: The Sidon Integro™ is completely guaranteed for as long as the technology is used at the location in which it was installed.  See the Lifetime Guarantee requirements.