Pure water makes possible the production of virtually all food products, especially those which are processed and canned for distribution. The efficiency of the water system in any food processing plant is critical to the profitability of the business. Downtime quickly erodes profits, morale and increases the risk of contamination and loss of product. Scale build up is the greatest cause of equipment failure in a food processing facility. Eliminate the scale and the facility manager will be smiling more often.

The temperature and pressure associated with the water system in a food processing plant naturally increases the occurrence of scale throughout the extensive water pipe system. With the Orion Scale Eliminator, the elements stay “in solution”, so they pass freely through the water system which eliminates the build-up of scale. This process also eliminates corrosion because the metal piping becomes passive since electrons are no longer exchanging with the metal.

The Integro™ Scale Eliminator restructures the water, virtually eliminating scale and creating a more hydrating water, known as “Wetter Water”.  The water used in the canning process will be conditioned and structured so the food items canned will actually taste better.

Beneficial Outcomes

  • Eliminates scale build up

  • Works on even the highest ppm of hardness in the water

  • Prevents Corrosion of piping

  • Bacteria can’t adhere to the inner walls of the pipes thereby eliminating bio-slime

  • Greatly reduces maintenance costs on cooling towers, boilers, A/C units, condensers, etc.

  • Promotes longevity and efficiency of water system equipment

  • Saves hundreds of thousands of dollars on replacing piping

  • Saves costly downtime of equipment and systems

  • Reduces risk of contamination and loss of product

  • Eliminates the use of many chemicals

  • Protects the health of employees by decreasing exposure to dangerous chemicals

  • 100% Environmentally safe

Lifetime Guarantee: The Integro™ Scale Eliminator is completely guaranteed for as long as the equipment is is used at the location in which it was installed.  See the Lifetime Guarantee requirements.