Will the Sidon Integro™ lengthen the life of Reverse Osmosis membranes and other types of filter membranes?2020-05-20T16:20:20+00:00


Will use of the Sidon Integro™ reduce algae and organic growth in swimming pools?2020-05-20T16:21:04+00:00

Yes. Due to the elimination of bonding between the elements, biofilm is basically eliminated which decreases the nutrients required for algae growth. If the algae have nothing to feed upon they will not grow.

Will the Sidon Integro™ reduce the amount of chemical use in cooling tower systems?2020-05-20T16:37:33+00:00

Yes. Since the Sidon Integro™ naturally eliminates scale formation, the chemicals typically used to treat cooling towers to prevent scale build-up can be reduced and in many instances eliminated. Also, since the scale build up is eliminated, there is less area where bacteria can attach and grow, thereby reducing the number of chemicals needed for sterilization.

Will we need to continue to use the soft water system installed in our hotel once the Sidon Integro™ is functioning?2020-05-20T16:37:03+00:00

No. Since the Sidon Integro™ naturally conditions the water, there will be no need to continue to use the soft water equipment and chemicals typically used to operate a soft water system.

Will the installation of the Sidon Integro™ reduce the amount of detergents and fabric softener chemicals used in our hotel laundry facility?2020-05-20T16:36:43+00:00

Yes. The Sidon Integro™ restructures the water reducing the surface tension which naturally conditions the water. The water will be “Wetter” which is to say it will be conditioned. The conditioned water will require fewer detergents and softening chemicals to achieve the same desired result.

How do we know if the Sidon Integro™ is operating correctly?2020-05-20T16:36:24+00:00

As long as the yellow indicator light on the Sidon Integro™ control box is pulsating, the system is operating effectively.

What is the Lifetime Service Guarantee and how does it work?2020-05-20T16:35:51+00:00

A User of the Sidon Integro™ who is paying a monthly usage fee has the Guarantee that should the Sidon Integro™ unit installed at their location ever malfunction or need any repair, ALL costs of labor and components associated with maintaining the unit in maximum effective operation, will be covered by Sidon Water LLC for so long as the unit is operating at the initial location in which it was installed.

What are the sizes of pipe which can be fitted with the Sidon Integro™ unit?2020-05-20T16:35:29+00:00

The Sidon Integro™ can be fitted to any size of inlet pipe ranging from one (1) inch up to thirty (30) inches. Any inlet pipe two (2) inches or smaller will be fitted with a two (2) inch threaded pipe reduced down to the appropriate size. Any inlet pipe larger than two (2) inches will be flanged.

Will the Sidon Integro™ remove existing scale buildup inside pipes in addition to not adding more scale buildup?2020-05-20T16:24:44+00:00

Yes. Over time the existing scale crystal formations which have attached to the walls of the pipe will begin to erode as the minerals attach to the electrons in the water and are carried out of the pipe.

Is it possible that less nutrient chemicals or fertilizers could be used on crops to achieve the same level of nourishment to the plants as a result of the structuring of the water through the Sidon Integro™?2020-05-20T16:25:16+00:00

Yes. Since much of the water evaporates before it reaches the root system more fertilizer is needed to actually provide the needed nutrients. If a greater amount of the fertilizer is able to reach the roots because the water is seeping into the soil more effectively, it will carry a greater amount of the fertilizer nutrients to the roots, so less chemicals or fertilizers will be required to achieve the same level of nutrition.

How does the Sidon Integro™ help decrease the amount of water used for agricultural purposes such as for orchards or growing crops?2020-05-20T16:34:45+00:00

Scale buildup on the surface of the soil forms a barrier and prevents the water from seeping down into the root system of the plants and causes much of the water to remain on the surface where it evaporates before it is able to soak into the ground. Since the water flowing through the Sidon Integro™ is free of scale crystals, there is no buildup of scale on the ground surface and the water permeates quickly into the soil, carrying nutrients to the roots effectively.

What if the water is very HOT running through the pipes? Will the Sidon Integro™ unit still be effective?2020-05-20T16:34:23+00:00

Yes, the temperature of the water HOT or COLD does not effect the efficiency of the Sidon Integro™ unit’s ability to disrupt the ionic bonding of the elements and eliminate scale crystals being formed.

Do we need to perform any maintenance on the Sidon Integro™ unit?2020-05-20T16:33:48+00:00

No. All maintenance and repairs of the Sidon Integro™ after it is installed will be conducted by Sidon Water LLC and its authorized representatives provided the customer is paying the monthly usage fee. Any and all costs associated with the maintenance and repair, including labor costs will be covered by Sidon Water LLC under the Lifetime Service Guarantee.

Does it matter how “hard” the water is?2020-05-20T16:27:36+00:00

The effectiveness of the Sidon Integro™ is not diminished or increased based upon the specific hardness of the water being used. The results are the same in that the bonding of the minerals is eliminated thereby preventing scale buildup regardless of the hardness of the water.

How does the Sidon Integro™ actually work?2020-05-20T16:28:13+00:00

The Sidon Integro™ naturally conditions the water by injecting a high number of electrons directly into the water with sufficient energy to break up the bonding created between the different elements. The injected electrons and associated energy cause the mineral elements to remain in their ‘single form’ so they stay in solution, regardless of the pressure or temperature, and cannot bond to form crystals which create scale.

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