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Unique Technology Resolves Hard Water Issues

Striving start-up presents innovative water restructuring technology to the European market and grows its team during global pandemic.

Sidon Water Ltd has managed to expand its international team and to keep its business competitive, since the beginning of 2020, despite the financial challenges posed by Covid19 in the UK.

The firm has been able to offer full time and permanent roles to new staff members, including fully remote positions, across multiple business functions, in Scotland. Creating stable job opportunities and retaining talent in a rapidly transforming world, while actively supporting the Scottish economy, is a remarkable factor in such difficult times.

Sidon Water has proudly collaborated with manufacturing partners and solution facilities within Scotland. It has received extensive contributions from such leading organisations as Scottish Enterprise, Business Gateway Fife and SMAS (Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service).

The young enterprise produces the IntegroTM, an electrochemical technology that restructures water and guarantees 100% efficacy in the prevention and removal of limescale build-up. The chemical-free system reduces corrosion, bacteria spread and completely resolves any hard water issues, throughout all kinds of water-related systems.

Once installed, the IntegroTM requires no ongoing maintenance and allows the reduction of energy use and environmental pollution. Key benefits for users are decreased energy bills and lower carbon footprint. Sidon Water provides tailored solutions based on individual customers’ needs and problems to multiple industries and enterprises of any size. The chemical free system will prevent and remove limescale and reduce corrosion throughout any water system and equipment.

The IntegroTM is suitable to both residential and commercial environments. It is the only commercial product of its type on the international marketplace that ensures full removal of limescale. The company gives customers the flexibility to either hire the technology with practical monthly instalments, for as long as desired, or to purchase it outright.

Sidon Water Ltd was founded in 2019 by entrepreneurs Rick Muir and Chris Rose. It has offices in San Diego, California and in Fife, Scotland. The IntegroTM was invented in the USA and is now manufactured in Scotland for the European marketplace.

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