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Our History

At Sidon Water, we have a rich history that spans over 30 years. It all started when the inventor of our technology was asked to tackle the persistent problem of limescale build-up in commercial cooling towers. He tried countless water conditioning systems but found them all to be ineffective.

This spurred him to dive deeper into the problem and understand the root cause of limescale. After extensive research and development, he created the Integro™ technology, which quickly gained recognition in specialist industrial applications, especially in the Oil & Gas sector.

In 2019, Sidon Water was established by a group of business partners who recognized the enormous potential of the Integro™ technology. Today, we’re proud to say that our certified solution is suitable for any business size and industry, and we have offices and manufacturing facilities in the USA & UK, as well as distributors in Benelux, Spain and Greece.

Our journey has been one of continuous innovation, perseverance, and a deep commitment to the environment. We’re pleased to offer a tested and guaranteed technology that is not only effective but also eco-friendly. Join us as we continue to make a positive impact on the world, one Integro at a time.

Our Mission

At Sidon Water, we are on a mission to provide businesses with innovative and sustainable water treatment solutions that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and protect the environment. Join us as we create a brighter and more sustainable future for businesses and the planet.

Our Vision

Our vision at Sidon Water is to be the world’s leading sustainable water treatment solutions provider. Through continuous innovation, we strive to provide cutting-edge technology that anticipates and exceeds customer needs. We aspire to lead the way in ethical and sustainable business practices.

Our Commitments to You

Our Process


Initial Inquiry

We will respond quickly to set up a call or visit.


Introductory Call/Visit

Discussion to understand your hard water issues.


Site Survey

A Site Survey (in person or via video call) will be scheduled to understand your water system, what problems you are experiencing and where the Integro™ system could be installed.


Customer Report

A detailed report of the site survey will be provided along with our recommendations. A quote will be provided at this time, if appropriate.


Quote Acceptance

Upon acceptance of our quote, delivery timing will be provided and arranged.


Product Delivery

Delivery details will be confirmed with you and a full installation guide provided for use by your engineer/fitter.


Installation Follow up

After installation, we will follow up with you on a regular basis to ensure that the Integro™ system is meeting your expectations and resolving any identified problems.


On-Going Support

Our staff members are always available to address any questions.


Lifetime Warranty

Monthly Service Agreement Customers enjoy a lifetime warranty on all parts of the Integro™ System.

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