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Borehole & Well Water Treatment

The most effective water conditioning system for Borehole & Well Water

Enjoy better water quality, limescale-free appliances and cost savings with the Integro™.

The Problem

Borehole & Well Water Challenges

Borehole and well water are essential sources of freshwater for countless communities and industries around the world.

These underground water sources provide access to a vital resource, supporting everything from residential water supply to agricultural irrigation and industrial processes.

However, the quality of borehole and well water can be compromised by the presence of hard water minerals like calcium and magnesium, leading to scale build-up and a range of operational challenges.

Below are the key challenges faced in dealing with hard water from boreholes and wells:

Limescale Build-up:

The presence of minerals in borehole and well water leads to limescale formation. This build-up can clog pipes, water heaters, and other equipment, reducing their efficiency and lifespan.

Decreased Water Flow:

Scaling inside pipes can restrict water flow, leading to reduced water pressure and less effective water distribution throughout your property.

Equipment Damage:

Hard water can cause damage to appliances and machinery, including water heaters, pumps, and water filtration systems. Repair and replacement costs can add up quickly.

Increased Energy Consumption:

As limescale accumulates in heating elements and pipes, it insulates them, forcing heating systems to work harder and consume more energy to maintain desired temperatures.

Waterborne Bacteria:

Borehole and well water sources are at risk of bacterial contamination, including Legionella, due to the presence of biofilm on equipment surfaces. This can pose health risks and require costly disinfection measures.

Water Quality Issues:

Hard water can affect the taste and odor of the water, making it less appealing for consumption and other uses.

The Integro™ Solution

At Sidon Water, we recognize the paramount importance of addressing hard water challenges in borehole and well water sources. These natural water reservoirs are often plagued by high mineral content, leading to issues that can affect water quality and equipment performance. Our solution, the Integro™, is meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive remedy for these specific challenges.

The Integro™ technology is a breakthrough in water conditioning, tailored to meet the unique demands of borehole and well water systems. Its primary objective is to prevent and eliminate the harmful effects of hard water, ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of quality water.

Our technology disrupts the natural bonding process between minerals like calcium and magnesium, which are the primary culprits behind limescale deposits. By maintaining these minerals in their single, neutral ionic state, the Integro™ prevents scale formation, protecting your pipes, equipment, and water quality.

What You’ll Get:

Solutions Comparison

Sidon Integro™️
Other Water Conditioning Devices
Water Softening
Reverse Osmosis
Chemical Descaling
Prevents Limescale Build-up
Removes Existing Scale Build-up
Maintenance Free
Does Not Require Salt or Chemicals
Reduces Energy Costs
Reduces Legionella

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