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The Integro™ Benefits

Prevent and Remove Limescale

The Integro™ uses cutting-edge technology to prevent and remove persistent limescale by injecting electrons into the water with sufficient energy to disrupt the bonding which otherwise occurs between different minerals found in water.
The injected electrons and associated energy realign all the different ions in the water, so they remain in their neutral atomic form. The ions (typically calcium and magnesium) are therefore unable to bind with other ions to form a crystal and will not precipitate, regardless of temperature or pressure. Since the scale-forming ions stay “in solution,” they pass freely through the water system.

Significant Reduction in Corrosion

With the Integro™, there’s no need to worry about corrosion caused by ions in your water system. As the water passes through the Integro™, the electrons being injected into the solution displace some already captured ions. This allows the “displaced” electrons to become “free electrons” in the solution.
By acquiring or reacquiring a negative charge, colloidal substances such as silica, alumina and rust particles remain in suspension instead of becoming absorbed into calcium, magnesium and iron ions. The acquisition of the negative charge also causes these colloidal substances to be repelled from these ions in the flowing water, and so once again, they pass freely through the water system, thereby significantly reducing corrosion.

Improved Bacteriological Control

Say goodbye to bacterial breeding grounds in your water system! Limescale, rust and biofilm are the greatest breeding ground for bacteria (including Legionella) in your water system. Scale build-up can harbor Legionella and biofilm organisms, providing the perfect growth medium, which chemicals have difficulty penetrating.
These scale deposits continuously contaminate a system even after disinfection. Biocides and dispersants have proven unreliable in Legionella prevention, with certain strains becoming resistant to particular biocides. Through the prevention and removal of all limescale build-up, the Integro™ eliminates this breeding ground, diminishing the food source for bacteria and thereby greatly reducing its presence.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Limescale build-up leads to significantly increased energy consumption.
Unlike a water softener, the Integro™ technology will not only prevent future scale formation but will remove all existing build-up from your water systems and equipment over the first 1-3 months of use. So, whether installed as a standalone system or used alongside your softeners, the Integro™ will reduce your energy consumption by up to 40%!

Environmentally Friendly

The Integro™ is an innovative and maintenance-free technology that every business in a hard water area should have. It sustainably restructures water, without using any chemicals, thereby preventing and removing limescale throughout your hot and cold water systems, as well as equipment. Once installed, the Integro™ will help you make a positive impact on the environment, as well as your finances.

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