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Tackle Hard Water in your Hotel or Resort

Chemical & Maintenance Free Solution – Guaranteed to Prevent Limescale Formation and Remove All Existing Build-Up within 3 Months.

The Problem

The Costly Consequences of Hard Water for Hotels and Resorts

At Sidon Water, we understand the myriad of challenges Hotels and Resorts face when it comes to hard water. The effects are far-reaching, impacting not just your operational costs but also the quality of service you provide:

Conventional methods, such as salt softeners, often fail to entirely resolve these complex hard water challenges. While they may offer some benefits, reliability issues and the fact that they cannot remove existing scale deposits mean they are rarely the comprehensive solution that hotels and resorts need.

A more advanced and sustainable approach is necessary to safeguard your operations and guest experience.

Our Solution

The Integro™ Advantage for Hotels and Resorts

In the world of hard water challenges in the hospitality industry, the Integro™ emerges as a trusted solution, dedicated to resolving your water quality concerns effectively.

The Integro™ is designed with your needs in mind. It prevents and removes limescale by injecting electrons into the water with sufficient energy to disrupt the bonding which otherwise occurs between different minerals.

The injected electrons and associated energy realign all the different ions in the water so they remain in their neutral form. The ions (typically calcium and magnesium) are therefore unable to bind with other ions to form a crystal and will not precipitate, regardless of temperature or pressure. Since the scale forming ions remain in “solution”, they pass freely through the water system.

What You’ll Get:

Solutions Comparison

Sidon Integro™️
Other Water Conditioning Devices
Water Softening
Reverse Osmosis
Chemical Descaling
Prevents Limescale Build-up
Removes Existing Scale Build-up
Maintenance Free
Does Not Require Salt or Chemicals
Reduces Energy Costs
Reduces Legionella

How We Work


Introductory Call & Site Visit

Following your initial enquiry we will quickly set-up an introductory call to discuss your requirements. Where necessary this will be followed by a site survey to better understand your challenges and how our technology can help.


Customer Report and Installation

A detailed report and quote will be issued outlining the areas where we can help and the benefits our system will offer. Upon acceptance of the quote we will arrange delivery and will liaise with your chosen fitter to ensure that the installation goes smoothly.


On-Going Support and Warranty

After installation, we will follow up with you to ensure that you are realising the benefits we set out. Beyond this, our team will be on hand if any support is required, and you can relax knowing the system is Maintenance Free and benefits from a Five-Year Warranty.

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