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How the Integro Works

Sidon Water’s Integro™ technology is the most effective water conditioning system on the market. It guarantees to resolve hard water problems by preventing and removing all hard limescale throughout your water system, equipment and appliances, irrespective of water hardness.

The Integro™ prevents and removes limescale by injecting electrons into the water with sufficient energy to disrupt the bonding which otherwise occurs between different minerals.

The injected electrons and associated energy realign all the different ions in the water so they remain in their neutral form. The ions (typically calcium and magnesium) are therefore unable to bind with other ions to form a crystal and will not precipitate, regardless of temperature or pressure.

Since the scale forming ions remain in “solution”, they pass freely through the water system.
The Integro™ is quite unique, both in terms of how it works and its effectiveness.
Check out this brief video that demonstrates the Integro™ technology in action!

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