Product Specifications - Sidon Water

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Product Specifications

Diameter of Pipe (inches/mm)
Length of Pipe (inches/mm)
Gallons (per minute)
Fitting Type
Integro™ 2
2 / 50
12 / 600
304 SST (available in 316)
NPT Threaded
Integro™ 3
3 / 50
12 / 600
304 SST (available in 316)
ANSI Flange
Integro™ 4
4 / 50
36 / 900
304 SST (available in 316)
ANSI Flange
Integro™ 6
6 / 50
36 / 900
304 SST (available in 316)
ANSI Flange
Integro™ 8
8 / 50
36 / 900
304 SST (available in 316)
ANSI Flange
Integro™ 10
10 / 50
36 / 900
304 SST (available in 316)
ANSI Flange

Integro™ General Information

  • Without water the Integro™ will generate a high voltage (but low amperage). Do not switch on the power until the installation is complete.
  • The Integro™ is generally installed on your cold water main, within 6ft of an electrical source.
  • The maximum power (electricity) consumed per hour by each Integro™ is 0.039kwh.
  • The control box requires a standard 13 amp socket.
  • On all applications, to avoid pressure drops, the diameter of the Integro™ should be equal to, or greater than, the size of the pipe it is being installed on.
  • You should not exceed the maximum water volume per hour for the Integro™, doing so will render it less effective.
  • The Integro™ is pressure tested to 150 PSI/10 Bar.
  • The standard operating temperature range for the Integro™ is 35° – 220°F / 2°C – 104°C.
  • All Integro™ models are single phase, 120v or 240v and 50/60Hz.
  • If the Integro™ is not connected directly to an already grounded metallic pipe, an earth connector should be attached to the pipe of the Integro™ at the time of installation. This must be on an exposed stainless steel section, not over a painted section.
  • The control box is not intended to be located outdoors. If this is necessary, it should be enclosed in suitable, well-ventilated, housing.


Monthly Service Plan users benefit from a Lifetime Warranty for so long as the Service Agreement is in full effect. Any Integro™ systems that are purchased outright include a 5-year warranty. Full details of warranty coverage can be found in your Service Agreement. If you believe the Integro™ unit is not functioning properly, you should contact us for further assistance.

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