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Maintenance & Salt Free Alternative to Water Softening

Guaranteed to Prevent Limescale Formation and Remove All Existing Build-Up within 3 Months

Sidon Water’s Integro™ technology is the market’s most effective water conditioning system. It guarantees to resolve hard water problems by preventing and removing all hard limescale throughout your water system, equipment and appliances, irrespective of water hardness.

The Integro is quite unique, both in terms of how it works and its effectiveness.

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Cluster Director of Engineering, South, West and Wales

“The Integro system was very quick and easy to install with no disruption to the Hotel operation. Within a month we noticed the reduction in scale. The quarterly cleaning of the showerheads and taps as part of the legionella prevention programme has been noticeably easier. We have seen an improvement in hot water temperature and pressure indicating the removal of scale build-up in the boilers and heat exchangers. Sidon Water have been easy to work with every step of the way resulting in an extremely successful project”

Salih Hodzhov, Production Director at WB Chambers Ltd

“In July 2020, we installed the Integro™.  Within the first 4 weeks we noticed existing scale build-up being removed throughout the whole irrigation system.  It continues to prevent blocked drippers, saving us time and money.  Sidon Water have been professional and helpful, they are a great team to work with.”


Sidon Water collaborates with key partners to manufacture and certify the critical components of the Integro™ technology and system. Whether in the USA or United Kingdom, our partners all follow good manufacturing principles and quality control procedures.

Made in Britain brings together the British manufacturing community. It is a not-for-profit organisation that supports British manufacturers. They work collaboratively with UK trade bodies, relevant UK government departments, and the media channels to support skilled jobs, responsible business, and sustainable growth. They work tirelessly all year round to promote British manufacturing.
We are delighted to work with Eurofins, who are a trusted provider of global regulatory compliance and certification, with over 25 years’ experience. Eurofins has guided us through the MET Mark certification to UL61010-1 standards and the CB Scheme for Europe (a system for mutual recognition of certificates of conformity recognized globally).
The MET Mark is recognised throughout the United States & Canada and indicates compliance to federal regulations for safe use in the workplace. MET is the first OSHA-recognised NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) in the United States. The NRTL mark is required under federal law for products used in workplaces in all 50 states.

Pending Certification

The Water Regulations Approval Scheme is an independent UK certification body for plumbing products and materials, helping business and consumers choose compliant products that keep water safe.


Pending Certification

With our assurance, testing, inspection, certification, training, consultancy and data services, we create trust in our customers’ products, services, processes, (management) systems and employees.

Pending Certification

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a private, non-profit organization that administers and coordinates the U.S. voluntary standards and conformity assessment system, founded in 1918.
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