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Medium-sized Hotel based in Barcelona, Spain


This Luxury 84 bedroom hotel with spa and outdoor pool is located in central Barcelona. It has experienced issues caused by hard water throughout the water system and other critical equipment such as boilers and heat exchangers.

Key problems

Problems identified at the point of the initial inspection were:

  • Showerheads, shower screens and taps where becoming blocked with scale. Shower screens needed to be cleaned extensively twice a week by the cleaning team due to formation of hard limescale
  • The water softeners was 18 years old and no longer working effectively
  • Limescale build-up and the resulting biofilm could lead to higher levels of waterborne bacteria, including Legionella
  • The heat exchangers/calorifiers were badly scaled up
  • There was significant evidence of limescale on fixtures and fittings throughout the plant room

Water Analysis

A water analysis report carried out in June 2022 confirmed that the mains water supply was very hard 269.9 mg/l hardness as CaCO3

Our Solution

Following a site survey it was decided to install two Integro™ units to points in the hot and cold water systems with the aim of removing the existing scale build-up and prevent any more in the future. One Integro™ 2 v3 unit was installed on the cold water supply which serviced the entire building with an additional Integro™ 3 being installed directly before the boilers and heat exchangers.

The Results

Immediately after installation, the Integro technology began to remove historical limescale build-up, dissolving it back into solution to pass harmlessly through the system. After two months of use, observational findings have proven conclusively that the Integro™ technology has been working effectively to break down existing limescale in the system. No new limescale formed in the areas being observed.

Observational findings in the areas of concern are as followed

  • Boilers and Heat Exchangers – no reported breakdowns since the Integro installation. it has been possible to reduce the temperature of the boiler as heat transfer has improved
  • Cleaning crews report no sign of hard scale on shower screens
  • No scale residue on the shower heads or tap nozzles/aerator, where previously this would have built up. To prove the technology, new showerheads where put on every floor of the building. These new shower heads have no scale on them
  • Legionella – no hots since installation
  • The Head of Maintenance (Juan Garcia) spoke very positively of the effects of the Integro in removing old limescale build-up
  • Dishwashers – no reported breakdowns since the Integro installation and scale is not adhering to the nozzles
  • While using the water softener the hotel had to put in approx. sixty 25kg bags of salt every month. Since the installation of the Integro the water sofener has been switched off and no salt has been bought

Energy Saving

The Carbon Trust in the UK estimates that just 1mm of limescale in heating equipment increases energy consumption by up to 7% with 6mm Increasing consumption by as much as 40%. its not at all uncommon for boilers and heat exchangers in hard water areas to have at least this amount of build-up, leading to significant increased utility bills

Environmental Benefits

As well as significant cost saving and other benefits detailed above (improved legionella control, equipment easier to clean, ect) this hotel will achieve the following environmental benefits.

  • Extended life of water-related equipment such as pumps, boilers, heat exchangers and improved efficiency of heating and cooling equipment
  • Reduce failures in equipment due to scale and corrosion, meaning decreased engineer visits and reduction in the demand for spare parts, both of which carry direct and indirect (manufacturing and supply chain) increases to the hotels carbon footprint
  • Improved water efficiency
  • Reduced detergent and chemical use


It has been agreed by the Head of Maintenance at the hotel that this installation has been 100% satisfactory to date and it has demonstrated conclusively that the Integro system works to remove existing limescale and prevent future formation throughout hot and cold water systems, critical equipment and appliances.

What the Hotel had to say:

We have noticed improvements in the shower screens; less limescale accumulates, and a the remainder can be cleaned with a cloth. In the dishwasher, the limescale does not adhere to the nozzles, and the heat exchangers we have noticed a better heat transfer and have lowered the temperatures so that the boiler temperature is also lower.

Juan Garcia, Head of Maintenance, Hotel Acevi, Villarroel

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