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How Hard Water Increases Energy Consumption

How The Integro™ Reduces Your Energy Consumption

Limescale Build-up Leads to Increased Energy Consumption.

Even in soft water areas, limescale forms in heating and hot water systems creating a layer of insulation between the heat source and water, effectively slowing down the heating process and increasing energy consumption!

Unlike a water softener, the Integro™ technology will not only prevent future scale formation but will remove all existing build-up from your water systems and equipment over the first 1-3 months of use. So whether installed as a standalone system or used alongside your softeners, the Integro™ will significantly reduce your energy consumption by up to 40%!

  • According to the Carbon Trust, just a 1mm layer of limescale on the heating element causes a 7% increase in energy used by your boiler.
  • British Water estimate that for every 1.6mm of scale built up in your heating system, there is a 12% loss in heating efficiency.
  • 6mm of limescale throughout your pipework and heating system can lead to a staggering 40% increase in energy bills.
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