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The Integro™ Difference

Prevent and Remove Limescale

For decades, various technologies like magnets, wrap-around coils, and radio frequencies have tried to tackle the issue of hard water, but they all fall short. While they may help reduce the problem, they can never fully eliminate it. The science that supports how they work means they cannot guarantee effective scale elimination in all environments.

The Integro™ is different. The nature of the electrochemical reaction within the water, and the method of its delivery, is unique. Unlike traditional water conditioning systems, the Integro™ does not force the precipitation of scale-forming minerals from the water solution. Instead, it restructures them so they will no longer bind to form scale and flow harmlessly through your water system. This restructuring effect is long-lasting and not limited by time, distance, temperature, or water pressure.

What Makes the Integro™ Different

  • The Integro™ is guaranteed to work in all environments and water conditions.
  • As well as the elimination of limescale, the Integro™ will significantly reduce rust and corrosion in your water system and equipment.
  • The Integro™ will remove historical scale build-up in the first 1-3 months of use.
  • The system is maintenance and chemical free.
  • You benefit from a lifetime warranty when choosing one of our monthly service plans.
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