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Hard Water – The Good, the Bad and the Integro™

This blog describes what hard water is and its impacts, good and bad. It also explains how the unique Integro™ technology can help you solve your hard water problems.

Have you ever noticed that tap water tastes different depending on where you are? Have you ever seen a white coating inside your kettle or shower head? Or that shampoo does not lather up? All these effects are caused by differences in the ‘hardness’ of the water.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is water that contains dissolved minerals, predominantly calcium & magnesium. The higher the mineral content, the harder the water.

Rainwater is naturally soft, but as it soaks into the ground and passes slowly through the soil and rocks beneath, it dissolves soluble minerals in the rocks increasing the water’s hardness.

How do I know if my water is Hard or Soft?

There are numerous websites where you can enter your postcode to verify whether you are based in a hard water area. This, however, is not always an effective method. The water source can sometimes originate from groundwater nearby or from a reservoir located much further away. A good example of this is Birmingham, where most of their water comes from reservoirs in Wales!

You can look out for other tell-tale signs such as clothes feeling hard, spots on shower screens and surfaces and build up on shower heads and fittings.

A simple test that you can do at home is to slowly add soap to water, the more that is needed to make bubbles the harder the water is.

The most accurate measure though is to have a water sample analysed by a lab to measure the total dissolved solids (TDS).

Common Solutions for Hard Water Problems

The most common way to soften water is through an ion exchange water softener. The vast majority of water softening equipment today exchanges minerals for sodium. Whilst effective, this process has a number of drawbacks:

– They can be very expensive as the more water you use the bigger they need to be
– You will have to either top up regularly with salt or replace the resin. Failure to do this makes the unit totally ineffective
– Whilst there are many companies responsibly recycling the wear and tear parts of these softeners, there is still a negative environmental impact
– Salt softeners are being banned in certain areas because of the damage that is being done to water systems as a result of the increased sodium levels
– Ion exchange units do not remove microorganisms like bacteria from the feed water and sometimes aid bacterial growth, as the resin beds can accumulate organic matter which serve as a nutrient to the bacteria

What happens if you live in a hard water area?

The Good

– Some minerals (calcium and magnesium in particular) have great health benefits. Many researchers have linked the benefits of hard water to:

1. Improved cardiovascular health
2. Making diabetes more tolerable
3. Better digestive health

– Water with naturally high minerality often tastes better.
– Plants, just like humans, need minerals to flourish and so will grow better than with softened water.

The Bad

– Hard Water leads to the formation of limescale throughout pipes, heating equipment and appliances.
– Limescale build-up can lead to:

1. Significantly increased energy consumption
2. Water related appliances and equipment to prematurely fail
3. Increased water consumption
4. Increased chemical and detergent use

– Dry itchy skin and irritation to conditions like eczema
– More difficulty with cleaning
– Reduced water flow rate from showers and taps
– Clothes and linen have a shorter life
– More detergent and higher temperatures are needed for laundry

The Integro™!

This sophisticated technology is the perfect solution for anyone who is dealing with the extensive costs and persistent problems caused by hard water.

The Integro™ does not add or remove anything from the water. It restructures it by injecting electrons into the water with sufficient energy that disrupts the bonding between different minerals. The system does not require any chemicals nor any maintenance.

It guarantees the prevention and removal of limescale throughout all water systems, equipment and appliances. It is suitable for all environments, from the largest of commercial facilities to smaller businesses and residential settings.

As a result you can enjoy the benefits of ‘the Good’, without any of the problems of ‘the Bad’, thanks to the unique technology that is ‘the Integro™’!

When can I get started?

Ordering and installing the Integro™ is very simple. Contact us now to discover how this unique technology can be specifically tailored to your needs. You can finally get rid of your hard water issues and start enjoying the unique benefits offered by the Integro™ today!

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